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Bounce Arena is a multiplayer PvP game.

Bounce Arena is a futuristic ball game in virtual reality, multiplayer 1v1. Oriented to the general public, the game combines tactics and skill.
Each player must score goals while defending his goal frame. For this, he has special abilities to surprise his opponent.

Use your skills, defeat your opponents by combining abilities.


The players compete by emboding robots with futuristic technology.

In an octagonal energetic cylinder the players will have to score in circular goals. Each player starts bar a full health bar and each goal taken will withdraw points depending on the power of the shoot

But beware, both players lose if they reach the end of the clock. 

The rules are simple, but do not be fooled by appearances. It’s harder than it looks !

GAMe Zone

The playing area consists of an octagonal energetic cylinder. Players use these surfaces to bounce shots and surprise opponents with unexpected trajectories.


Positioned at both ends of the playing area are circular goals in front of which players levitate in order to protect them from enemy shots.


The League mode is the central mode of the game. Through a matchmaking system, find opponents and fight online.


Training mode will allow you to optimize your combos in an endless mode against an unbeatable AI.



Citizens of cities around the world are following this competition with unparalleled fervor.


The Bounce Arena takes place every year, teams create humanoid robots that clash in a closed arena.

This year two teams are particularly trained the Golden Venom and the Tiger Claw.


“Golden Venom” is the most successful team of the Bounce Arena League.
Created by Omega Corporation, and directed by Mae Ficient one of the most powerful corporation of “Neo York”.

The dominance of Omega Corp. has been transformed into future Mae Ficient.

Mae Ficient, Golden Venom Coach
Memett Brown


Self-confident and convinced of her intellectual superiority, she managed to take the lead of the team 20 years ago by sabotaging her superior’s robot with the help of Memett Brown in order to drive it out and take its place.

Memett brown

One of the most experienced Bounce Arena League mechanics. He only lives to optimize his robots, and leave his mark on scientific history. 

He and Mae are the only ones who know who’s really behind Team Tiger.

He is no longer disturbed by social conventions but curiously, the more his baldness progresses, the more he takes care of his sideburns.

Slime Fisher

Former infiltrated mercenary converted into a bodyguard for Omega Corp.

Slime Fisher belongs to an alien race that has the particularity of having an unshaped viscous substance as a body.

The atmosphere on Earth requires it to keep a watertight protection.

Sean Weak

After investing every ounce and fiber of his being to serve Omega Corp, Sean Weak was betrayed by his team at the Bounce Arena League final more than two decades ago.


Embarrassed by this betrayal, it is now 20 years since he gave up his honour and convictions to carefully prepare his revenge.


Help him to calm his deep resentment against Omega Corp until he can finally turn the page.

Wendy Rockpeel

A true genius with an innate sense for mechanics. She creates her first strong IA at 12.

She was a homeless living in the basement of Skyline Town, using her hacking skills to survive.

Saved by “Sean Weak” as she tried to escape a corporation, she puts his talents to his advantage to return the favor.

Rex Zila

A good and loyal lizard.
Idiot but nice.

Tiger Claw

From the depths of Skyline Town, the “Tiger Team” is clearly the competition outsider. The specialised media have very little information about this team and its staff.

However, it has been several years since this team has not posted any results in important games.


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